I hereby declare:

  1. That I know and fully accept the Regulations of the Transgrancanaria sports event, regulations that are displayed on the Organization’s website.
  2. That I am physically well prepared for the competition, I am in good general health, without suffering from illness, physical defect or injury that could be aggravated by my participation in said test. If during the test, I suffer any type of injury or any other circumstance that could seriously harm my health, I will notify the Organization as soon as possible.
  3. That I am aware that this type of competition, as it takes place in the natural environment, in places that are difficult to control and access, entail an additional risk for the participants. For this reason, I attend of my own free will and initiative, fully assuming the risks and consequences derived from my participation.
  4. That I have sufficient physical capacity, technical skill and survival resources to guarantee my own safety, under the conditions of autonomy in which the test takes place. Likewise, I have the sports and safety equipment required by the Organization and I guarantee that it is in good condition, it is approved, I know how to use it properly and I will carry it with me throughout the competition.
  5. That I understand and promise to comply with the security rules and protocols established by the Organization for the Transgrancanaria in which I am going to intervene, as well as to maintain a responsible behavior that does not increase the risks to my physical or mental integrity. I will follow the instructions and abide by the decisions made by those responsible for the Organization (judges, doctors and organizers) on safety issues.
  6. That I authorize the Medical Services of the event to perform any cure or diagnostic test that I may need, whether or not I am in a position to request it; Given their requirements, I promise to abandon the race if they deem it necessary for my health.
  7. That, before or during the test, I will not consume prohibited substances, considered as DOPPING, by the athletics and mountain federations. The Organization can pass anti-doping control to the first three classified, and, therefore, may award cash prizes after the results of said analyzes.
  8. That, I authorize the Organization of the test to use any photograph, filming or recording that I take as long as it is exclusively related to my participation in this event.
  9. That my bib number is personal and non-transferable, so no other participant or person can take it in my place.
  10. That I participate voluntarily and under my own responsibility in the test. Therefore, I exonerate or exempt the Organization, collaborator, sponsor and any other participants from any responsibility, for any physical or material damage and, therefore, I RENOUNCE to file a complaint or lawsuit against.
  11. That I am aware that the organizing entity reserves the right to admit or not any participant, even having paid the subscription fees that would be returned to me in case of not being admitted.
  12. That I promise to follow the general guidelines of respect for the environment that are listed below:

a) Travel carefully on tracks and roads open to traffic.

b) Drive slowly in the presence of people, animals or vehicles.

c) Not produce alterations in the processes and in the natural functioning of the ecosystems.

d) Not deteriorate biotic, geological, cultural or, in general, landscape resources.

e) Avoid or avoid environmentally sensitive areas.

f) Carry out physiological needs in the appropriate places or, in any case, out of the water and far from points of passage or gathering of people.

g) Do not light a fire or cause fire risk situations.

h) Do not use or install any type of structure or element that leaves a permanent mark on the environment.

i) Do not dump or leave objects or solid or liquid waste outside the places usually authorized for their collection.