By checking the box regarding the «Acceptance of the Informed Consent» that appears in the registration process, I accept and confirm compliance with the points established in the following document.

  1. I acknowledge and fully accept the rules of the sporting event, which are displayed on the Organization’s website.
  2. I am physically prepared for the competition, in good general health, without suffering from any illness, physical defect, or injury that could worsen due to my participation in the event. If during the race I suffer any type of injury or any other circumstance that could seriously affect my health, I will inform the organization before the start.
  3. It is solely my responsibility to ensure that I am physically and psychologically well-prepared to undertake the event and to undergo the appropriate medical check-ups and stress tests to guarantee that I am in good health, without suffering from any illness, allergy, physical defect, injury, or cardio-respiratory condition that would advise against my participation.
  4. I am fully aware of the difficulty of the event, its route, profile, and distance, which I have previously consulted on the event’s website.
  5. I will not consume any prohibited substances, considered as DOPING, by the athletics and mountain federations, before or during the event. The Organization may conduct anti-doping tests on the top three finishers, and, therefore, may deliver the cash prizes after the results of these tests.
  6. I understand and acknowledge that participating in this race involves certain risks, including, but not limited to, physical injuries, falls, fatigue, exposure to extreme weather conditions, and encounters with wildlife or insects that may attack me, even without provocation or apparent reason. I accept all risks associated with my participation in this activity.
  7. I am aware that along the route I may encounter uncontrolled water, which may be NON-POTABLE.
  8. I am aware that if I need assistance from the organization and/or rescue teams, it may take hours for them to find me in extreme weather conditions and/or lack of visibility, especially if I am off the marked route.
  9. I am aware that there are areas along the route without mobile coverage, so there is a risk of not being able to request help when I need it.
  10. I am aware that the final list of mandatory and recommended minimum equipment by the organization will be based on the weather forecast and that it may therefore be insufficient if the forecast is not accurate or if sudden extreme phenomena occur, such as sharp drops in temperature, rain, fog, snow, hail, strong winds, thunderstorms, etc. Therefore, it is my responsibility to assess this mountain-related risk, to decide if I should carry additional equipment for my own safety, considering the risks described above.
  11. I commit to complying with the rules and safety protocols established by the Organization of the event in which I am going to participate, as well as to maintaining responsible behavior that does not increase the risks to my physical or mental integrity. I will follow the instructions and comply with the decisions made by the Organization’s officials (judges, doctors, and organizers) regarding safety matters.
  12. I authorize the Medical Services of the event to perform any treatment or diagnostic test they deem necessary at any time during the event, whether or not I have requested it. If required, I commit to abandoning the event and/or allowing my hospitalization if they consider it necessary for my health.
  13. I am aware that in conditions of fog and lack of visibility, the markings may be insufficient for orientation and that I may easily get lost. If I realize that I am off the route (and unable to find it), I will stop, call for help, and prepare for a wait that may last hours until I am located or until visibility improves.
  14. I affirm that I have the appropriate equipment and gear to participate in this race, including but not limited to suitable footwear, warm clothing, and sufficient water and food for the duration of the race.
  15. Being aware of the high environmental value of the landscapes through which the event passes, I commit to respecting the environment scrupulously, especially:
    • a) Traveling cautiously on open tracks and roads.
    • b) Moving slowly in the presence of people, animals, or vehicles.
    • c) Not causing alterations in the processes and natural functioning of ecosystems.
    • d) Not damaging biotic, geological, cultural resources, or, in general, the landscape.
    • e) Avoiding environmentally sensitive areas.
    • f) Performing physiological needs in appropriate places or, in any case, away from water and points of passage or gathering of people.
    • g) Not lighting fires or creating fire risk situations.
    • h) Not using or installing any type of structure or element that leaves a permanent mark on the environment.
    • i) Not disposing of or abandoning solid or liquid waste outside of the places usually designated for their collection.
  16. I authorize the Organization to use any photograph or recording taken of my participation in the event for promotional or informative purposes. I also authorize the processing of my data for the necessary sports purposes, according to the data protection law.
  17. My race bib is personal and non-transferable, so it cannot be carried by another participant or person in my place.
  18. I participate voluntarily and under my own responsibility in the event. Therefore, I release or exempt the Organization, collaborators, sponsors, and any other participants from any physical or material damage and, therefore, WAIVE the right to file a complaint or lawsuit against them.
  19. I understand that the organizing entity reserves the right to admit or not admit any participant, even if they have paid the subscription fees, which would be refunded if I am not admitted.